Did Sex Ed Prepare You For Sex? What Was Missed | SexLoveChat Podcast

Do you remember Sex Ed class? Although we’re exposed to some things before “officially” learning about sex, Sex Ed class is always met with awkward fascination. But did you REALLY get the full picture? Did Sex Ed prepare you for sex? In this episode Suzie, from Single Dating Diva, and Marrie, Dirty In Public, call class in session to school you on the things sex ed class may have missed! Prepare to be hot for teacher.

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For more information about this topic, we have provided the links below that reference all research studies and articles discussed in this episode.

Health benefits of sex.

Attraction: Effects of birth control on women’s taste. 

Women’s Libido

Pleasure: Men

Pleasure: Women

Pleasure: Lubrication

Women: Multiple Orgasms

Things Sexperts Wish They Were Taught In Sex Ed