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Women will fuck Alpha males…

I wonder if you were to ask a woman today what kind of guy she finds irresistibly sexy -the kind of guy she wants to rip her clothes off and take her on the spot- what kind of man she would describe?

In my recent interview with Journalist and scriptwriter Andy Bodle we discussed the dilemma of being the nice guy or the bad boy. You see the bad boy portrays more ‘alpha’ at least on a subconscious level. (How much of a fuck up is ‘Big’ from sex in the city).

So guys, just walk around with a near arrogant smile on your face, assert your way as THE way in every situation, be aggressive toward other males and demand that relationships exist on your terms only… well see how far that get’s you in your average 2012 office environment.

To quote Gothmog from Lord of the rings, ‘The age of men is over; the time of the metro-sexual male has come.’

Now I’ll wear my chino’s, a pair of white pumps, and shave my chest with the best of them. I’ll sit their quietly biding my time pretending to listen patiently to others when all that spews forth is bullshit. You have to these days, in a world of relationship building and influencing, of not saying what you really mean for fear of judgement or reprisal. A man’s skills must evolve… but how does all this ensure he still gets laid?

I have frequently asked the question “is it possible for a man to be a ‘real’ man in today’s world?”

I’ve come to think not. The Samurai knew that the shift towards western culture would change the vitality in men. In order to navigate various trials and tribulations the ‘alpha response’ is often not the right one. So how do you let women know you are still fuckable? (Yes fuckable, not a door mat.)

…By having alpha moments!

A wise man once told me ‘you have to pick your battles’.

Know when to pick an argument, when to throw your woman down on the bed and dominate her, when to shout the loudest and have the final word.

Just don’t do it all the time.

Now get in their and get her knickers off!