Dirty In Public, Anyone? | Public Sex and Exhibitionism


There have been a lot of stories in the news of people, women and men, masturbating in public. It got Marrie from Dirty In Public and Suzie from Single Dating Diva thinking, what’s the appeal? What would motivate someone want to please themselves in public, is it about the sex? The attention? The […]

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Technology and Sex…Better or Worse?

Cybersex, sexting … Has the new technology that came with the digital age changed how we have sex?  You can virtually do and watch others do pretty much anything. But does it get in the way of our sex lives, well sometimes … today Suzie from Single Dating Diva […]

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Social Media and Dating: Is online creeping normal?

We’re in the digital age … like it or not. What that means is that with a quick search in a search engine you can find out what people have been up to, where they live, what they like and where they ate last night. We live our lives […]

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Money: Does it Make the Man but Hinder a Woman?

Gender roles aren’t what they used to be. Women are more independent than ever before. Women are in positions of power, gainfully employed, own their own homes, and live fulfilling lives all without the assistance of a man. Women are now taking care of themselves. They CAN do it […]

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Sexual History: Does Sharing Your Number Make Sex Safer?

We recently came across an article that made a case for sharing sexual history and how it’s an important safe sex practice. Not just your experiences but the number of sexual partners you’ve had. This got us wondering…is sharing your “number” REALLY an important safe sex practice?
Join us Wednesday […]

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Work Spouse Relationships…Is it Risky Behavior?


How common is it that someone has a work wife/work husband? Actually, not as uncommon as you might think. These engagements typically occur in places where long hours and high stress are a common part of the job. A work spouse relationship is not a sexual one; it is […]

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Has Marriage Become Extinct?


Is marriage some far off fantasy that only worked in our parents generation? Have the pressures of society made us jaded about dating and relationships? An article called “Reasons Why We Can’t Handle Marriage, Anymore” has sparked a lot of controversy and debate. In this episode of SexLoveChat Suzie […]

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What’s the Worst Dating Advice We’ve Heard?


Not all dating advice is created equal and there certainly is no one size fits all; however, there is advice being served by “experts” that make us roll our eyes. I this episode of SexLoveChat, Marrie from Dirty In Public and Suzie from Single Dating Diva share what’s the worst dating advice we’ve […]

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