Is Choreplay the Next Foreplay?

Can housework REALLY lead to sex? In this episode Suzie from Single Dating Diva and Marrie from Dirty In Public will be discussing using sex as a reward or punishment. Is choreplay the new foreplay or have women gone too far? 

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Is There a Dating Textiquette?

Is there a dating “textiquette”? What about “sexting”? Like with everything else, you need to rely on your own judgement but we here at sex love chat think it’s definitely worth a discussion! In this episode Suzie from SingleDatingDiva.com and Marrie from DirtyInPublic.com will be talking about dating textiquette!
Don’t […]

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Does the Pick-Up Artist Method Really Work?

The Pick-Up Artist or PUA movement took the dating world by storm. For good or for bad this controversial method claims to help men get the woman of their dreams. But what exactly are the techniques used? Can any man really master the art of picking up women? Your […]

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What Can You Do to Spice Up Your Sex Life?

In the beginning of a relationship the heat it is intense and natural; sparks ignite passion automatically. But what happens when sparks sputter and the fire cools? Can we get it back? Get out your ice cubes because this is going to be a HOT one!!

Join Marrie, from Dirty In […]

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Did Sex Ed Prepare You for Sex? What Was Missed?

Do you remember Sex Ed class? Although we’re exposed to some things before “officially” learning about sex, Sex Ed class is always met with awkward fascination. But did you REALLY get the full picture? Did Sex Ed prepare you for sex? In this episode Suzie, from Single Dating Diva, […]

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Is Monogamy Natural or Are We Monogamish?

MONOGAMY … is it natural? Or is it something we’ve created as a society? What does science say and are times changing. Are we, as a society becoming MONOGAMISH?

In this episode, Suzie from SingleDatingDiva.com and Marrie from DirtyInPublic.com explore the complex world of relationships today and the broadening definition of the word commitment.

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Dating Butterflies: Are they Necessary?


How important is it to feel butterflies when you meet someone new?
Whether from your computer screen or across a crowded room, men and women seek a connection. But if butterflies aren’t felt in a flash…does it mean they can never be?
Your SexLoveChat hosts Suzie from SingleDatingDiva.com and Marrie fromDirtyInPublic.com delve into a […]

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Do We Need Love to Have Great Sex?


It’s been too long but we’re glad you could join us for our first episode of Season 3. We’ve missed you but promise it was worth the wait. While you’ve been working on your tan this summer,  Marrie and Suzie gave Mr. n Mrs. Romance Podcast a sexy new […]

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