The Cocktail Hour: Uncovering Vagina Fact from Friction

In the final podcast for Season 2, Mr n Mrs Romance presents a unique little feature called The Cocktail Hour, where  Marrie and Suzie allow their favourite drink, to lubricate discussions about relationships, sex and dating!  The topic of choice: Uncovering Vagina Fact from Friction … they talk vaginal anatomy, […]

The Penis Episode {REBROADCAST} : Does Size Matter

This a REBROADCAST of a unique little feature we like to call The Cocktail Hour where Marrie and Suzie allow their favorite drink to lubricate discussions about relationships, sex and dating!  Our topic of choice for this episode is, well,  The Penis! Does size matter, circumcised vs not circumscribed, dick pics, and […]

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Bringing Magic into Your Love Life and Unleashing Your Inner Modern Courtesan with @Shoshi

In this episode we welcome Yolanda Shoshana to the show. Yolanda is a BadAss Bruja, Celebrity Clairvoyant, Celebrant, and Author that is an expert in love, sex, and magick. She is the creatrix of Yolanda Shoshana Charmed Living where she helps people have amazing love, toe curling sex, and unleash […]

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How to Have Successful First Dates with @TheDatingTruth

In this episode it’s our pleasure to welcome Miss Solomon to the show. Miss Solomon is a dating expert and founder of The Dating Truth. She’s on a mission to jump-start your love life with honest advice that increases self-confidence, and help singles create connections. Miss Solomon offers workshops, classes, […]

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Marvelous World of Female Masturbation with @TheCaraSutra

Cara Sutra discusses the delicious world of female masturbation and why women should take their pleasure into their own hands! Cara writes at her own sexuality magazine as well as acting as professional copywriter for many high-profile adult industry publications, both online and in print. Her magazine style website […]

Cocktail Hour {REBROADCAST}: It’s Your Sex Life…Spread Your Wings Not Just Your Legs!

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Cocktail Hour {REBROADCAST} Fetishes, Kinks, and Turn-On’s

It’s Your Sex Life
This is a REBROADCAST of one of our most popular episodes! In this special Cocktail Hour Marrie and Suzie allow their favourite drink to lubricate discussions about relationships, sex and dating!  The topic of choice […]

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Redefining What it Means to be Sex Positive with @CharlieGlickman

What Does it Mean to be Sex Positive?

Marrie and Suzie welcome Charlie Glickman to the show. Charlie is a sex & relationship coach, a certified sexuality educator, and an internationally-acclaimed speaker. He’s certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counsellors and Therapists, and has been working in this […]

The Science of Love with @DawnMaslar

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The Science of Love
Award-winning author and biology professor, Dawn Maslar, is this this episode’s guest. Dawn was radio talk show host and currently, speaks and blogs about the science of love on her website DawnMaslar.com and popular YouTube channel at DawnMaslarTV. Her work has been […]